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              Are you looking for the stable, durable and economical radiator equipment? Liankuann is one of the best machine
            manufacturer in the world. Liankuann specializes in all kinds of radiator machine making, as the result we
            design and make machines according to what your real need.

As years’contribution to this field since 1979, Liankuann has been assisting many customers to establish their own factories, and kept sustaining the support for any production inquiry. Liankuann’ s technology has been growing with the time, and the relationship with our partners has been growing together too.



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We customize the products according your inquiries for any kind of radiator production demand.Please refer to our general production information. If there is any machine you can't find in our catalogue, please feel free to ask us.

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New High Speed Flat fin machine

New High Speed Flat fin machine

The latest technology of radiator rolling production. 1 set of forming roller, 1 set of guiding roller. Making the fin pattern more precised. The machine is fast and stable.
The production speed can reach 40m/min.

Used flat fin machine for sale

Used flat fin machine for sale

High quality flat fin machine
Tube size:12.6X2.0
Material thickness:0.04mm
Row pitch:16mm
Tube Pitch:12mm
Material widths: 2R 32mm 3R 48mm 4R 64mm 5R 80mm 6R 96mm 7R 112mm 8R 128mm

Please contact with us if you have interest about this machine.